December 13, 2013

Meet Mick Dodge

Learn About The Pacific Northwest's Barefoot Survivalist

Part warrior, part philosopher and part survivalist, Mick Dodge is not an easy man to define. One thing is indisputable: he lives his life on his own terms. 

Twenty-five years ago, Mick decided the modern world wasn't for him. After a childhood spent roaming the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, he decided to return to the Olympic Peninsula, walking away from civilization to live among the trees of the Hoh Rainforest. 

For the past several decades, Mick has wandered the coast of the Pacific as a barefoot nomad, following the tradition of the four generations of Dodge men who have called the Olympic Peninsula their home. Trained by his grandfather from a young age to listen to his primal instincts, Mick lives a barefoot life, thriving in his makeshift shelters in caves and trees.

 A former Marine and trained fighter in multiple martial arts, Mick considers himself a philosopher and pacifist, a former hunter who now chooses to run alongside his animal companions in the forest, leaving them at peace.

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