October 26, 2011

The Truth Behind Crystal Skulls: Facts

  • A crystal skull thought to have been owned by Nazi Heinrich Himmler has recently been discovered in a Bavarian village. Himmler was known to be interested by myths and legends and many believe the skull to be part of a larger collection owned by Himmler.

  • The crystal skulls at the Smithsonian and the British Museum have been made using a rotary wheel, a 19th century devise that proves these skulls were not made by pre-Columbian people.

  • Some people believe that the 12 crystal skulls of legend all represent 12 planets once inhabited by people. They were brought to earth by the people of Atlantis who intended to use them to convey their knowledge to mankind.

  • Crystal skulls are meant to have certain magical abilities including healing and emitting light. They are also meant to be a form of computer that can hold images and relay messages.

  • One of the most expensive works of art in the world is a crystal skull. British artist Damon Hirst’s, ‘For the Love of God’, cost around 14 million pounds to make. It’s cast in platinum and encased entirely in diamonds.

  • Crystal Skulls have long been part of pop culture and have inspired numerous documentaries, a movie, a band and even a brand of vodka

  • The Mitchell Hedges skull was reported to have been found by Anna Mitchell-Hedges in the ancient city of Lubaantun around 1924. However, Joe Nickell has collected evidence that proves it was actually bought by auction in London some years after the excavation trip.

  • Research has proven that several of the famous crystal skulls in museums can be traced back to Eugene Boban; a French antique dealer in the 1800’s.

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