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Breaking the Law

Toby is faced with the toughest part of his job, around-the-clock care for the newborn cows during calving season. The colony can't afford to lose any cows so it's up to Toby, the cattle boss, to keep the newborn calves alive. Toby reaches out to Clinton for help, but Clinton resents taking orders from anyone. He's more concerned with partying and sleeping until noon than doing colony work and taking on any responsibilities. Toby is frazzled as he spends night and day with the calves at the neglect of his own family. If Toby can't keep these cows alive, the colony won't make the money they so desperately need. Meanwhile, Claudia is feeling neglected because Bertha never spends mother-daughter time with her anymore. When Claudia and Bertha make plans on the same night as Carver's last basketball game, Bertha will have to choose between her two children. Clinton continues to act irresponsibly and when he gets arrested for driving without a license his mother decides she must act and kicks him out of the house.