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Maple Syrup Motor Club

This week, Paulie and Tuffy head to the Hynicks’ 83-acre, maple-covered property set in Cambridge, New York, to build one of their most challenging cabin combinations to date. Their clients, Glenn and Doug, are avid motorcycle riders who want to revive their maple syrup business after walking away from it 35 years ago. To build the Hynicks’ dream cabin, the Cabin Kings must not only learn how to make a functioning “Sugar Shack,” but also a bar/hangout for this motorcycle-loving family and their friends. To do this, they must come up with ways to convert the syruping process’ large machinery into dual-purpose items that will not only make syrup during the four- to six-week maple syrup season, but also allow these materials to seamlessly transition into elements for the biker hangout the rest of the year. By transforming materials like a 500-gallon milk tank into a sap storage system, a multi-ton sap evaporator into a dining table and even old motorcycle parts into a pancake griddle, Tuffy and Paulie must make sure they steer this project in the right direction or the entire project could end up crashing and burning.