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Demolition Derby Cabin

Paulie and Tuffy are revving up for one of their most unique builds yet: a mountaintop motorhead getaway for beloved family man Doug Marpe. Doug loves demolition derby, so this week’s build begins with a serious demolition project: the teardown of an old barn. The structure will provide post and beam lumber and tin siding for the cabin. Doug asks the Cabin Kings to create a “convertible” bedroom that slides out from the second floor, allowing the family to sleep under the stars. The build site is at the top of an unforgiving mountain road, and getting the family and supplies to the location looks like it’s going to be a problem. Tuffy combines parts of Doug’s old demolition derby cars with a wrecked 4x4 truck to create a one-of-a-kind Marpe Family Monster Car. This cabin truly has the entire Marpe family in mind, with kid-friendly projects like porch swings and an air hockey table powered by a leaf blower.