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Pacific Northworst

Business developer Matt and restaurant cook Mike think they have what it takes to survive being stranded in the wilderness. They talk a big game, but will they be able to prove that they possess both the brains and the brawn necessary for survival in the desolate, dense forests of the Pacific Northwest? Neither of them has any survival training or knowledge of the region, which is notorious for heavy precipitation and frigid nighttime temperatures. Valleys filled with sinkholes, thorn-ridden thickets and steep bluffs covered in decaying trees are just some of the obstacles that Matt and Mike will have to overcome to make it to their extraction point. Besides a few basic necessities — a knife, a rope and a flashlight — each of the survivors is on his own. Except, that is, for the voices of Alex Coker and Cliff Hodges, two wilderness and survival experts who will be instructing them from a command post at an undisclosed location.