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The Vanishing

The four loners come to some realizations as they say goodbye to the cameras. Discouraged by his failure to capture Picher’s intruders, Cheeto goes on one final patrol before deciding to pack his things and leave town. Out on Long Island Sound, Brooks find a box in the attic with old photos of past lighthouse keepers. With an urge to leave a legacy of her own, she builds a hatch that will remain long after she’s gone. During his time on the Montana ranch, Dave’s only friends have been the animals he’s taken care of. When he wakes to find the goats and sheep missing, he concludes that alien activity is to blame. Lastly, caretaker Billy sees lights on some trailers located on the far side of the park, and when he investigates, he finds a typewriter just like the one his father used to have. As the cameras peel away, Billy realizes he’s going to miss them.