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Return to the Snake Cave

Cave ins, flash floods, bats and noxious levels of carbon dioxide couldn't keep National Geographic Herpetologist Dr Brady Barr from his quest for a twenty-foot python. Not even the memory of the traumatic bite from a 12-foot python could keep him away. This time he prepares himself for the dangers that lie in the cave with a visit to Bracken Cave in Texas – home to 20 million bats that raise the carbon dioxide levels treacherously high with every exhale, not to mention their guano. Then Brady's back in Indonesia, dodging deadly vipers, trudging through waist deep guano and heading into the cave where he was bitten a year ago in search of a monster python. He's going deeper, braving the dangers of the cave and using new techniques to try to capture one of the biggest snakes he has ever captured in his career.