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Attacking Cujo

Mary Jane didn't let her disabilities stop her from rescuing lab-mastiff mix, Cujo, from a bad home. But her chronic pain and stress may have rubbed off, and turned Cujo into an aggressive dog like his infamous movie namesake. Cesar brings Cujo back to his Dog Psychology Center for some exercise, discipline and affection with his pack; and brings in an acupuncturist for Mary Jane. Will some much needed therapy help both Mary Jane and Cujo relax? Then, when Ellen and Dave adopted Jack Russell-mix, Molly, they had no idea that Ellen's nervous energy would transfer to her dog, creating an obsessive barker. When Ellen brings her to the art gallery where she works, Molly bark and growls at the customers and Ellen fears she'll bite a small child. Can Cesar help Molly paint a new picture, becoming a less aggressive dog?