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K-9 Phobia

Soap opera star Eileen Davidson's Wheaten terrier puppy, Charlotte, brings new meaning to the term roughhouse. Charlotte bites when playing with Eileen's son, Jesse, and scares his friends. Will Cesar be able to change Charlotte's rough role and put an end to the drama? Then Alex Tillson's Jack Russell terrier, Elvis, has unusual quirks: he'll jump three feet straight up when the garbage disposal runs and lunges at the dishwasher when it starts. Will Cesar be able to help Elvis sing a different tune and get his appliance aggression to leave the building? Finally, Fish and Game Warden Jim Stolis recruited 3ยง-year-old black Lab Jack to be his partner. Jack's great at using his nose, but to enroll in the K-9 Program, he must get over his apprehension toward shiny floors. Can Cesar help Jack become a true working dog?