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Devil or Saint?

Cesar tackles dogs large and small. His first case is with Erin, whose main passion in life is rescuing St. Bernards. But the dogs that need the rescuing most are the two that she owns. She adopted the lovable giants, Levi and Phoebe, and now they’re showing signs of serious dog aggression. If Cesar can’t help Erin step up and be the calm, assertive leader that Levi and Phoebe need, these dogs could seriously hurt someone. This is especially urgent because Erin has small children who are frequently around the dogs. Cesar’s next problem dog is Pixie, a poodle who’s driving a wedge between her owner, Diane, and Diane’s best friend, Pauline. Pixie barks and lunges at every dog she sees and her bad behavior has earned Diane, Pauline, and their dogs the uncomplimentary nickname, “the gangster squad.” Because of Pixie, Pauline no longer wants to go on her daily walk with Diane. If Cesar can’t teach Diane how to control Pixie, Diane will have to walk alone with her wild mutts.