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Caged and Confused

Dr. Claude Lessard is a hospital veterinarian whose own pit bull, Opal, is in need of urgent care. Opal is invaluable to the doctor as a blood donor for sick pets, but for every pet Opal saves, she puts countless others at risk. She barks incessantly and will jump up to 7 feet in the air when confined to a kennel or room, disrupting other animals in the hospital that are trying to rest. If Cesar doesn’t help Opal now, she may get kicked out of the hospital. Cesar’s next case takes him to the swank suburbs of Bel Air, where two standard poodles are stunting their owners’ social lives. Judy and Don Tallarico are part of an elite social set, and pride themselves on throwing elegant dinner parties for the rich. But their standing in the community may be at risk due to their dogs’ disruptive behavior. The pooches bark constantly, jump on guests and steal food whenever possible, and the Tallaricos’ friends have had enough. The cost of these problem poodles has become too high.