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Holly’s Terror

Cesar tackles two dog owners who unwittingly trigger their dogs to become aggressive. Holly’s terrier, Lexie Jane, is the most high-strung hiker in Runyon Canyon. Holly rescued Lexie at six weeks old and soon realized that she had some serious aggression issues. The behavior got worse over time, and now Lexie throws uncontrollable tantrums and lashes out at strange dogs in public. When Holly and her best friend go hiking, the dog terrorizes the other hikers, to the point where the two women are asked by a park ranger to leave. Cesar meets with Holly and her friend Evelyn, and soon discovers that Lexie Jane is fine as long as Holly is not around; but when Holly shows up, the dog goes wild. The situation is similar for Linda and her boxer, Rosa. Rosa is a loving therapy dog for the clients at Linda’s domestic violence shelter. But while Rosa loves people, she’s vicious to other dogs. She barks and lunges at every dog she sees, in an effort to protect her owner. Linda’s friend Ellen is terrified that Rosa will one day attack another dog and be taken away by animal control or put down. If that happens, not only will Linda be inconsolable, so will the women and children who depend on Rosa at the domestic violence center.