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Raging Pit Bull

Cesar gets a call from a family who treats their pit bull mix, Roxy, as one of the children. The family rescued Roxy from a shelter last year and even though she loves them and their three small children, she is hostile to all other dogs. On walks, Roxy cannot pass another dog without wanting to fight and has even jumped the family’s 5-foot fence to attack a dog. Cesar tags Roxy a “red zone” case, which means that her aggression has reached dangerous levels. If he can’t train her and her owners fast, Roxy could easily kill a dog and have to be put to sleep, which would devastate the family’s children. Cesar’s next case, a Lakeland terrier named Caper, is not as much a danger to others as to himself. Caper chases anything that moves, including bicycles and strollers. But his most troublesome trait is that he instigates fights with other dogs, going after bigger dogs that have almost killed him. Next time, he might not be so lucky!