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A Dog for Every Job

In Episode Two, Kate, Steve and the team explore how dog breeds differ in their abilities and sensory perceptions, and how humans harnessed these innate skills to develop today's hunting, herding and guard dog breeds. We watch the senses develop in a litter of newborn Cocker Spaniel puppies, and Ruth Goodman is joined by a Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi, a popular companion dog in England that can still be found driving cattle in the U.S. And we find out how hunting breeds such as Springers, Pointers and Retrievers evolved with the development of gun technology. Over the centuries dogs have demonstrated that they are highly intelligent animals capable of helping humans and performing many different tasks - even, amazingly, driving a car! But just how intelligent are they? Can you actually teach a dog to read? The team is about to find out when they put three dogs to the test.