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Kitten Kaboodle

In this very special episode, it’s all furry felines --- the second most common animal to visit Pol Vet --- and that makes for a jam-packed hour of purrfect patients! From the gripping to the gross, tears of pain and joy, Doc and his team help cat lovers get the right care for their favorite fur balls. Whether it’s a fishhook in the mouth, a seriously damaged eye, or an infected wound so gnarly it makes your skin crawl, Dr. Pol’s cat clients get into all sorts of trouble – meow-ch! Snowball, a tiny bundle of fluffy joy comes into the clinic for a simple checkup. Dr. Emily gives her the once over and she checks out just fine, except for some incredibly dirty ears. The “dirt” are the infamous ‘mitey-mites’ seen up close under the microscope are simply, gross. A few drops of medicine to loosen up the gunk and Snowball is good to go. The little kitten really doesn't like the feeling of oil in her ears, but she'll feel much better when the creepy crawlies are out! An angry Misty Lou is up next. After spending the good life in Florida she has been moved up to Michigan with her owners and wants nothing to do with the cold, snowy winters—refusing to go outside. Ever. Dr. Brenda determines her respiratory tract is dried out from dry inside heat, and antibiotics will help her feel better. Tater, a stray cat arrived at PVS with a horrific trap stuck on his leg! Doc had to amputate the leg that was stuck in the trap but Tater was able to heal up great with some TLC from the clinic staff. Now with three legs and a heart of gold, this little kitty is living the good life at the clinic. Tater might as well be on the payroll, as he helps Dr. Pol with clients such as Holly who has a severely broken leg. Her leg is unable to be reset. Amputation is the only answer for a healthy future