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Be My Canine

The old saying of “dogs are man’s best friend” couldn’t ring truer for the vets at Pol clinic! From pit bulls and beagles to spaniels and labs, this week is all dogs, all day as Dr. Pol, Dr. Emily and Dr. Brenda fetch solutions for Fido. It’s time to revisit the most beloved cases along with the most beloved pets—dogs! Fiona the German Shepherd’s owners were stumped when they found her hiding under the deck, with an oozing wound on her back leg. Dr. Pol whisks Fiona back to an exam room and discovers two puncture holes on her leg. He suspects an animal bit her while she was trying to run away! The bite is now infected, but it’s nothing Dr. Pol can’t patch up! Puppyhood is often filled with frolicking and fun, but Priscilla’s brand-new Jack Russell isn’t able to run and play like her littermates. Dr. Emily takes one look at the 3-week old pup and diagnoses it with a rare genetic deformity called “Swimmer Puppy,” aptly named as it looks more like the puppy is trying to swim than walk. It’s a grim diagnosis—this pup may never be able to walk, but Dr. Emily’s not giving up. She creates hobbles with tape to support the puppy’s splayed legs. Will Priscilla’s determination and Dr. Emily’s ingenuity be enough to get this Jack Russell back on all fours? Cozying up to take a nap with a favorite blanket is one of the perks of being a pup, but Daisy’s owner, Carol, is afraid her dachshund made a snack out of one as well! Dr. Brenda uses liquid barium to determine the extent of Daisy’s blockage. The movement of the barium through Daisy’s intestines indicates surgery is a must. Surgery is a success, but also reveals a surprise. Dr. Brenda doesn’t find any blanket fibers, but instead she discovers a piece of corncob! Dogs are barking down the doors at Pol Vet, and with so many to choo