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Croc Swap

For years, Billie Swamp Safari director Ed Woods' has been searching for a new home for his Nile crocs. That day has finally come and now the guys face the daunting task of removing these dangerous reptiles from their habitat. Each croc poses its own unique challenge, but the most dangerous reptile Ed's team will face is a 400-pound alligator that climbed into the exhibit and now rules the roost. Once the reptiles are moved, Ed plans to retrofit the habitat for a group of captive nuisance gators being held on the other side of the park. Across the park Rey and his wife Tatika have their hands full caring for a cute orphaned wild piglet. With each day, the piglet has grown larger and is now presenting a danger to the park guests. Ed knows how attached Rey and Tatika have become to the pig but, after a rough encounter between the wild pig one of the park's employees, Ed faces the tough decision of having to release the animal into the wild.