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Fire Hazard

The staff of Billie Swamp Safari has a lot of work and danger in front of them as they try and corral 50 of the overpopulated bison to move to a ranch in northern Florida then search for injured animals while a forest fire ravages the adjacent Seminole cultural area. Shea is super busy catching a diamondback rattlesnake, heading out with Matt and tribesman Billy Walker to learn the traditional way Seminoles catch garfish, an important job in their culture, and veteran gator handler Paul Simmons comes to train him how to safely catch gators in deep water. While Paul is visiting he is able to save some baby alligators and Lawrence from a muddy irrigation ditch. Finally, to thank them for their hard work Ed holds a frog leg eating contest for Shea, John, Jason, Raymond and Matt which has been creating a lot of smack talk between the guys. The winner, John, gets a crown and the loser, Jason, has to do housekeeping for a week.