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Gator Breakout

After catching a 4-foot nuisance gator from the park's popular airboat dock; Park Director Ed Woods makes a shocking discovery: this problematic gator is an “escapee” from the park's fenced-in boardwalk area nicknamed “Alcatraz.” Alcatraz is home to nuisance gators that might have been destroyed anywhere else in the state of Florida. Ed meets up with Steve, the maintenance supervisor, to figure out where their security breeches are along Alcatraz's fence line. The guys stumble upon an active gator nest. After enlisting the help of Matt, a park staffer, several gator eggs are taken to the park's herpetarium for incubation. Later, Matt, Shea, and Lawrence release a clutch of baby alligators that were rescued from last year from Trump, a huge bull gator that had been eating its own young. After successfully raising the hatchlings the guys proudly bring them to the wild swamp, but with larger gators lurking nearby the release turns deadly. Billy Walker and his cousin Cory lead a roundup of bison for the annual festival, the Green Corn Dance, a sacred tradition for the Seminoles. Later, Steve and the maintenance team venture into Alcatraz and find holes where the gators have been escaping. After patching the fence and securing Alcatraz, Ed wants to put Chubbs, the park's most notorious nuisance gator, back in captivity. Chubbs gives Ed and the guys all they can handle, demonstrating why he is the most dangerous gator in the park. The guys successfully relocate Chubbs, making the swamp a little safer - for now!