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Predators on the Prowl

Park Director Ed Woods is deeply disturbed by the disappearance of Cindy, his favorite chicken. Ed puts park staffers Matt and Jason in charge of catching the 'chicken killer'; but that's not the only animal Ed has his sights set on catching. Ed brings veteran gator wrangler Paul in to help him try and catch 'Houdini', the dangerous nine-foot Nile croc who escaped captivity over a decade ago. Billie Swamp Safari is on 'high alert' when an injured black bear makes its way into the park. Ed's team sets up a bear trap, hoping to catch this nuisance bear before they have any more close calls. Ed and Paul try hunting Houdini at night and believe they're moments away from catching him when Ed gets a call that the black bear is back! The guys abort their Houdini effort, but once again despite being caught on video surveillance; the black bear eludes them. Ed decides its time to try and catch Houdini with snare traps as a last resort. Within hours, 'Charlie' a huge bull gator that also hangs out in the 'horseshoe area', is snagged. Later that evening, Ed, Jodi, and Matt go to check the re-baited snare and are shocked to find Houdini on one end. Those three, along with only Steve and Keith have the unenviable task of securing this beast and pulling him out of the water. Despite Houdini's best efforts, the gang is able to secure Houdini and place him in the unoccupied bear trap overnight. The next morning, the rest of the staff is shocked to learn that they finally caught him. Ed welcomes a new baby chick that he names 'Cindy' before saying goodbye to Houdini as he's taken to a new home.