November 15, 2013

Arctic Battleground Facts

Hunting Squirrels, Racing Dogsleds and Exploring Crevasses

  • The Gilkey River is located in the borough of Juneau in southeast Alaska.

  • The Gilkey River is a nine-mile-long braided stream channel that is a classic example of a glacial outwash system.

  • The annual Iditarod race, which covers 1,000 miles through Alaska, first occurred in 1973.

  • There are 31 calories in one ounce of ground squirrel meat.

  • Northern Flying squirrels, Arctic ground squirrels, and red squirrels are all found in Alaska.

  • A snow bridge is mass of snow bridging a crevasse that sometimes allows for a risky crossing of the crevasse.

  • The international whitewater classification system has six levels ranging from Level I (easy) to Level VI (usually never been run).

  • Crevasses, which are wedge-shaped openings in a moving mass of ice called a glacier, usually form in the top 50 meters (160 feet) of a glacier, where the ice is brittle.

  • Bergschrunds are a specific type of crevasse that occurs as cracks appear between the moving ice of a glacier and the non-moving ice of a cliff or mountain.

  • In 2013, scientist Thomas Douglas survived a 75-foot plunge into Alaska's Jarvis Glacier crevasse.

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