By SuSu Hauser, Photographer/Shooter February 17, 2012

From Vegetarian to Carnivore

Behind the Scenes of Wild Justice: Mile High Marijuana

I was a devout vegetarian for 10 years…and then came Wild Justice Season I.

After a strenuous, seemingly unending hike with the wardens in search of a marijuana grow, I found myself on the verge of passing out. I scoured the production vehicle for some sort of nourishment. This nourishment came in the form of leathery, shriveled red shoelace looking like meat sprinkled with pepper. I devoured it.

I waited all night for the change in diet to cause a commotion in my stomach, but nothing arose. So naturally, when Warden Brian Boyd offered me his wife’s famous bear salami three days later, I greeted it with open arms. I am now a ravenous carnivore with beef jerky being the staple for my life on the road.

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