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    A young male Chimpanzee is waiting for the dominant male to give way to the fruits of a fig tree

    Wild Congo: King Kong's Lair

    The tides of the Congo are home to a variety of creatures. As a result, it has become a test laboratory of evolution and an El Dorado of biodiversity.

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    The monkeys' special noses may help them communicate to the rest of their band, helping them to produce calls that can be understood through thickly forested woods. An adolescent vocalizes to locate other family members in the gloom of the forest.

    China's Golden Monkeys

    Scientists are on a mission to protect these mysterious monkeys that were once believed extinct.

    Pandas are very similar to human beings. Some can be a bit down in their character, while others are extrovert and hyper.

    Giant Pandas

    The Giant Panda is one of the worlds most iconic bears, but they are also critically endangered.

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