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    Kamara loves having Stella around as a companion, but handling Stella on a leash is becoming exceedingly difficult.

    Cesar Millan: Viva Las Vegas

    Cesar Millan takes Las Vegas by storm in an concert-like show where he helps desperate dog owners transform out-of-control dogs live on stage in a Nat Geo WILD special event.

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    Tree squirrels are commonly seen everywhere from woodlands to city parks. Though they are terrific climbers, these squirrels do come to the ground in search of fare such as nuts, acorns, berries, and flowers. They also eat bark, eggs, or baby birds. Tree sap is a delicacy to some species.

    Super Squirrel

    The furry denizens of any American backyard often go unnoticed.

     Steve took in Miss Snooks the fox and now keeps her as a pet. She now has her own apartment above Steves pet shop

    Secret Life of Mr. Fox

    The fearless fox - exploring how the fox has become one of the most successful carnivores on the planet.

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