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    Zeb Hogan holding a 4 foot long Wolf Fish, caught on a night fishing trip in the remote area of Gunns in Southern Guyana.

    Monster Fish: River Wolf

    The wolf fish can reach 3 feet in length, weigh as much as 88 pounds and is said to be a brutal hunter of animals and reportedly even humans.

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    Zeb Hogan, after some struggling to keep the fish on the line, proudly holds a giant snakehead freshly caught from the pond.

    Monster Fish: Frankenfish

    Dubbed Frankenfish, the snakehead is a prized fish in Thailand that looks more like a snake than a fish.

    Kiawah Island, SC, USA: A bobkitten growls at the camera.

    Urban Jungle: Suburbia

    Big cat tracker Boone Smith takes us home to the suburbs to reveal a world of wild creatures.

    A Ninja Shrimp attacks an unexpecting crab with one of its deadly weapons. By moving through the water so quickly, the appendage generates 'cavitation' - vapor bubbles that form in the water and then collapse to release a massive burst of energy.  This shockwave can help to stun the mantis shrimp's prey, but it also wears the hammer away.

    Killer Shrimp

    Go on the trail of a sharpshooting inhabitant of the coral reefs - the record-breaking, thumb-splitting mantis shrimp.

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