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    A cow with an infected eye is held in a stanchion awaiting examination. Once the vaccine is developed the pink eye infection should subside.

    The Incredible Dr. Pol: Here's Looking at Moo

    Dr. Pol and his family are very much a part of their community. In honor of his dedication, Dr. Pol is surprised with an award in recognition of his work with 4H Club.

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    Fat Koi Slim

    Pond Stars: Fat Koi Slim

    Greg, Ed, Brian and Chris work to install a giant pond in Tony and Shari Romano’s backyard.

    A kitten's touch sense is not only in her paws.  All over her body, she has special hairs that are hyper-sensitive - whiskers.  These are above her eyes, on her front legs, and of course, on her cheeks.  When she's older they'll become essential for helping her to navigate in the dark.

    The Secret Life of Cats

    Find out how today's domestic cat has successfully adapted to life with humans on its own terms.

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