Remembering Dr. Sims

We are deeply saddened to share that Dr. Scott Sims of Aloha Vet passed away on Saturday, July 25, 2015 at the Wilcox Memorial Hospital. Long before his show premiered, Dr. Scott was already famous and deeply valued in the hearts of many on the island of Kauai because of his zest for life and selfless compassion for animals. He is a treasured member of the Nat Geo WILD family and will be forever missed. Our only consolation is that we got to share his incredible talent and humanity with the world, if just for one season.  

On the rugged island of Kauai, Dr. Scott Sims, DVM is only one animal doctor who is known for his ability to treat any case both big and small.

Always one to take on adventures, Dr. Scott will race to the beach on horseback to help a monk seal or ride an ATV to a remote field to spay a feral cat population. Dr. Scott knows no limits and will go any lengths to help save the lives of every animal on the islands of Hawaii.

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

Dr. Scott Sims out in the field.

He even built and pilots his own plane to make house calls to surrounding islands, Oahu and Molokai.

Dr. Scott is the owner of Pegasus Veterinary Clinic located in his home in Hawaii. Along with his two assistants, Dia and Ella, Dr. Scott and his team handle a wide variety of animals, both domestic and wild. His days are anything but boring as he traverses the wild, rural, and oceanic grounds Kauai offers up.

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

Dr. Scott Sims on a dive.

He graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in Zoology in 1979; then UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1984 and co-founded Davis Wildlife Care Association. Scott owned and operated a veterinary clinic in Novato, CA and remained there until 2002 when he transferred the practice to his new residence in Kauai. Scott is single and does not have any kids, except his parrot, Oliver, whom he loves dearly.

Before Scott arrived, the islands were in desperate need of help. Many animals, both domestic and wild had nobody to answer their call. The locals on the island call him the "Barefoot Vet" because he is shoeless…most of the time. While Dr. Scott mostly performs surgeries and procedures in his office, he's been known to respond emergency calls out in the wild.

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

Scott discusses surgery with the patient.

Since Dr. Scott is one of the only vets on the island, his clinic usually has a line out the door. The Pegasus Veterinary Clinic's services are depended on greatly, typically seeing around 20 patients a day. Since Scott's clinic operates out of his home, it's not unusual for him to perform surgeries on some of his toughest cases day or night. His helpful staff—Dia and Ella—are right by his side assisting him in any way they can. Dr. Scott is positively relentless in helping all animals both great and small.

In continued support of the Pegasus Veterinary Clinic and The Pegasus Foundation, please visit to find out ways to help the animals of Kauai and keep Dr. Scott's dream alive.

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