January 16, 2013

Bite Me Facts

  • Brent Heaton is a K-9 officer with the Terre Haute Police Department.

  • A Fur Saver Collar is a collar designed to prevent wearing of the fur on the dog's neck.

  • It is important a police dog is comfortable around gunfire so they can focus on the bad guy in real situations.

  • T.E.D.D. stands for Tactical Explosive Detector Dog.

  • The average T.E.D.D. class size at VLK is 25.

  • The act of imprinting allows the dog to associate the smell of an odor to receiving a tennis ball. If the dog finds the odor and sits, then they get the tennis ball.

  • Joe Bumbaugh is a K-9 handler for the Winona Lake Police Department in Winona Lake, IN.

  • Officer Bumbaugh's last police K-9, Hugo, died on May 12, 2012.

  • Kenny and the VLK trainers establish a dog's hunt drive by using a tennis ball.

  • Tracking is where a K-9 hunts a person by following their odor.

  • Dual-purpose dogs are capable of criminals performing patrol work and narcotics detection.

  • A road clear is where a military K-9 advances ahead of a unit to sweep for explosive devices hidden in the ground.

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