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Blow Up Facts

A soldier coaches his dog over hurdles during training at the Vohne Liche obstacle course.  The soldier has to instruct the dog to sit before entering the tunnel.

Approaching the Tunnel (View larger version)

Photograph by Tim Kasiewicz

  • T.E.D.D. stands for Tactical Explosive Detector Dog.

  • Dogs in the T.E.D.D. program are trained to hunt for explosive devices.

  • The T.E.D.D. program is a tactical dog program created by the U.S. Army.

  • VLK runs military courses throughout the year for TEDD teams.

  • Approximately 100 VLK dogs are deployed to Afghanistan at any time.

  • Tripwire Operations Group is a company that specializes in explosive devices.

  • Ryan Morris is the CEO of TripWire Operations Group.

  • I.E.D.s, or Improvised explosive devices, are being used by insurgents in Afghanistan.

  • A "road clear" is where a dog searches for IEDs just ahead of where the army unit is travelling.

  • Scott Zimmerman is a K-9 handler from Georgia. Zimmerman is making the transition from dog handler to dog trainer.

  • Lackland Air Force Base is the hub for all of the working dogs in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

  • The average I.E.D. in Afghanistan contains around forty to fifty pounds of explosives.