January 16, 2013

Fear Factor Facts

  • Latricia Duke is a horse trainer and professional barrel racer.

  • Latricia Duke has recently passed the million-dollar mark as a trainer.

  • Latricia Duke rides for Schiller Ranch owned by Kristi Schiller.

  • K9s4COPs was formed by Kristi Schiller in June of 2010.

  • In 1948, the Women's Professional Rodeo Association was founded to allow women to compete in all rodeo events as they wish.

  • Barrel racing originated as an event for females.

  • Barrel racing involves a rider running a horse through a specific cloverleaf pattern in the fastest time.

  • A horse can pick up on its rider's anxiety or apprehensions.

  • Wade Morrell suffers from Hippophobia, which is the fear of horses.

  • "Platz" is a German word meaning "down".

  • "Fuss" is a German command for heel, meaning the dog should stay at the trainer's side.

  • Jasper Dulin owns a business called J.L.D. Incorporated where he sells used bar and restaurant equipment.

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