January 16, 2013

Got Drugs? Facts

  • President Richard Nixon created the Drug Enforcement Administration in 1973.

  • The DEA currently employs almost 5,000 Special Agents and has a budget of over $2 billion.

  • The DEA allows experts to obtain certain amounts of controlled substances for training purposes.

  • Vohne Liche Kennels uses actual drugs to train their dogs via a license they have with the DEA.

  • The ATF allows businesses to obtain a Federal Explosives Permit, which lets the organization obtain certain amounts of various explosives for training purposes.

  • Black-tar heroin is a cheap, potent form of heroin.

  • Travis Yike and his K9 Hodo make up one of two K9 teams in the Logansport Police Department.

  • Carl Swan is the Assistant Police Chief with the Logansport Police Department.

  • Sgt. D.J. Sommers is a detective with the Logansport Police Department.

  • Chad VanCamp is a K9 handler with the Kokomo Police Department.

  • Jason Coleman is the Chief of Police of the Rochester Police Department.

  • Positive reinforcement, like praise or a food or toy reward, is a training tool used by trainers and pet owners to get a dog to repeat good behaviors.

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