January 16, 2013

Michigan Impossible Facts

  • Dog sport clubs are clubs where trainers can show off their dog's skills of obedience, protection, and bite work.

  • Shannon Nieuwkoop is the president of the North American Ringsport Association, the governing body of French Ring Sport in the U.S.

  • The "Object Guard" event is where a dog stands guard at a basket or some other item and prevents a decoy from taking that item.

  • A blind is an object that obstructs the view of the decoy from the dog.

  • The palisade event is a ring sport event where a dog leaps over a wall.

  • Kenny and the VLK trainers establish a dog's hunt drive by using a tennis ball.

  • T.E.D.D. stands for Tactical Explosive Detector Dogs, and these dogs are trained to find explosive devices for various branches of the military.

  • Terri Rzasa is a former Wabash County Police Officer who currently is a trainer for the T.E.D.D. program.

  • Military K-9s tend to advance in front of ground units to sweep for explosive devices, protecting the lives of each soldier in the unit.

  • A road clear is where an explosive detection dog advances in front of a military unit searching for explosive devices.

  • The soldiers on the night training exercise are using Night Observation Devices, or N.O.D.s, which allow the soldier to see in the dark without light.

  • Currently the prominent breed trained as a T.E.D.D. at VLK is the German Shepherd.

  • There are two ponds and one manmade lake on the VLK property.

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