January 16, 2013

Sniff Test Facts

  • Officer Sam Finnegan and his partner Diesel make up the only K9 team in the Peru, Indiana Police Department.

  • North Miami High School is the local high school in Denver, Indiana.

  • Tim Garland is the principal at North Miami High School in Denver, Indiana.

  • Scanning allows a dog to search a general area for drugs or narcotics without disturbing property.

  • John Edward Dickman, or "Eddie", has been a trainer with Vohne Liche Kennels since 2003.

  • "Braaf" is a Dutch command meaning "good" and used to give praise to a dog.

  • "Bleib" is a German command meaning "stay".

  • VLK has been working with Paul Brown Stadium since November of 2001.

  • Paul Brown Stadium has been home to the Cincinnati Bengals since its construction in 2000.

  • Prior to the completion of Paul Brown Stadium in 2000, the Cincinnati Bengals played in Riverfront Stadium, which they shared with the Cincinnati Reds.

  • Paul Brown Stadium can house over 65,000 spectators at each football game.

  • The first Bengals game played at Paul Brown Stadium was on September 10, 2000.

  • Paul Brown Stadium is named after Paul Brown, who founded the Cincinnati Bengals.

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