September 07, 2012

Facts: RV Monkeys

  • Lions may be known as the "Kings of The Jungle", but a lion's natural habitat is actually on the savannah.

  • Both male and female tigers spray to mark their territory and announce their breeding status.

  • A leopard gets its spots through genetics which helps them to camouflage.

  • Leopards are incredibly strong climbers—they have been known to climb trees as high as 50 feet in the air with prey in their mouth.

  • Lions have manes to establish dominance, attract females and they also use them as an intimidation display.

  • A lion can run the length of a field in approximately six seconds.

  • Tigers are solitary, but social animals. They will not hunt together, but females have been known to overlap territories.

  • A male lion can eat one quarter of his body weight in one meal.

  • Tigers are the only big cats that love water, but jaguars are also swimmers.

  • Tiger and lion mating rituals include roaring continuously, scent marking and moaning.

  • A capuchin monkey has been recorded as living as long as 45 years.

  • Capuchins are very social primates and have complex social patterns. During fights, males may recruit other males to form an alliance against an aggressor.

  • Capuchins mate polygynously. The dominant male often will mate multiple female receptive partners.

  • Capuchins are known for being incredibly smart and also agile with tools. These characteristics allow them to be trained to assist paraplegics and also make them prime candidates for the entertainment industry.

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