May 10, 2012

Facts: Fatal Obsession

  • Snakes lack external ear openings, and cannot hear; rather, they sense vibration with their jaws.

  • The American alligator species has survived over 150 million years.

  • The amount of venom in the bite of a king cobra can kill an elephant.

  • King cobra hatchlings emerge already capable of injecting venom, which increases in quantity as they grow.

  • Wild hogs live on every continent except for Antarctica.

  • Wild hogs can smell an enemy from up to 7 miles away.

  • Statistics on dog fighting are difficult to gather, but the ASPCA estimates that the number of people involved in dog fighting in the United States is in the tens of thousands.

  • Dog fights are fueled by gambling. Major dog fighting raids have seized over $500,000, and during a single fight, $20,000 - $30,000 can be bet and won.

  • Narcotic drugs are sometimes given to dogs during a fight to mask pain and to increase aggression.

  • Since 2008, dog fighting is a felony in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Being a spectator at a dog fight is illegal in all states except Montana and Hawaii.

  • Approximately 250,000 bulls are killed in bullfights each year worldwide.

  • Cockfighting is illegal in the United States, and it is a felony in 39 states.

  • In natural fights, roosters rarely hurt each other seriously. In organized cockfights, the roosters can be outfitted with razors on their legs, and the damage is much more severe, with the birds sometimes fighting to the death.

  • An average Nile crocodile weighs around 500 pounds, but they can get as large as 1,650 pounds!

  • 12.5 million people participated in recreational hunting in the United States in 2006, which is about 5% of the U.S. population over 16 years old.

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