March 13, 2013

Puma Facts

  • The puma has the largest geographic range of any land mammal in the Western Hemisphere.

  • The Puma concolor is known by a variety of common names through its vast range including puma, mountain lion and cougar.

  • In North America, scientists have found puma home ranges that varied in size from 12 - 398 miles.

  • Pumas are threatened by extensive habitat loss and fragmentation through their range, as well poaching of some of their prey species.

  • The puma is the second heaviest cat found in the Western Hemisphere. Only the jaguar is heavier.

  • Pumas are known for their ability to hunt large prey. In the Chilean Patagonia, pumas hunt guanacos as well as smaller animals like the European hares.

  • Guanacos live in South America and are found in the countries of Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay.

  • The gestation period for the guanaco is around 11 months and they live to be up to 15 to 20 years old.

  • The main predators of guanacos are the puma.

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