May 30, 2013

Return of the Clouded Leopards Facts

  • There are fewer than 10,000 clouded leopards in the wild.

  • Clouded leopards can swim well.

  • Clouded leopards are able to run head first down trees and hang upside down from branches.

  • There is no specific name for Clouded Leopards in India.

  • Cats have the most highly developed binocular vision of all carnivores.

  • Clouded leopards have the largest canine teeth of all the wild cats for its size.

  • The noise made by clouded leopards is somewhere between the purr of a small cat and the roar of a large cat.

  • Clouded leopards are solitary creatures except when breeding.

  • Clouded leopards eat 10-20% of their body weight every day.

  • Clouded leopards have been found on the menu of restaurants in China and Thailand.

  • Clouded leopards get their adult pelage by 6 months.

  • Clouded leopards reach sexual maturity at 20–30 months.

  • Clouded leopards are killed by poachers for use in tribal medicine.

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