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Fight for Life

The population explosion continues at Tiger Canyons and John “JV” Varty is as excited as an expectant father. His favorite tiger, Julie, is about to give birth again, 8 months after abandoning a previous litter. For JV, this pregnancy is crucial to his plans for Tiger Canyons. Though he is hand raising Julie's abandoned cubs, JV worries that if she rejects another litter, his goal of having wild raised tigers that can live on their own will be in jeopardy. Once the cubs are born, however, JV's fears subside. This time around, Julie seems ready to care for her cubs, even though the litter of five is unusually large. Within weeks, though, a new problem arises: one cub is significantly smaller than the others. Nicknamed "Runty", he struggles more and more as the days pass. To make matters worse, Julie is seriously injured in a fight with another tigress, Shadow. With Julie slow to mend and Runty rapidly declining, JV is faced with one of hardest decisions of his career. Should he pull this one little cub out of the wild and away from her mother and siblings? Or should he let nature take its course, for better or worse?