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Leopard Queen

Leopard Queen

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An extraordinary wild leopard, who has allowed herself to be filmed for 17 years, has opened a window into the lives of Africa's most secretive big cat. Leopard Queen follows the life of “Manana”, a wild leopard whose territory spans the heart of the Londolozi Game reserve, South Africa. Even though leopards are savage and powerful predators, through Manana a remarkable new picture emerges of a big cat that is besieged by Africa's many predators. Manana is plagued by hyenas and lions that steal her kills, threaten her cubs, and hold her hostage in the treetops. Tragedy strikes as often as success: a battle won against territorial male leopards for the life of her cub, is lost shortly thereafter as a python that steals the cub from the den. Yet despite the hardship of life as a female leopard, she survives for an incredible 17 years, an age few wild leopards live to see. During the years of filming, Manana slowly grows to accept the presence of veteran filmmaker John Varty. Now at the end of her life the pair has formed a remarkable bond, which culminates as she allows JV to accompany her on foot on an impala hunt. This film tells an amazing true life story of a leopard that changed the way the world sees big cats, through the lens of the man that filmed her.