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Cannibal Shark Facts

Cannibal Shark

Cannibal Shark (View larger version)

  • A lion’s heels never touch the ground when they walk.

  • There are over 460 different species of shark that live in the world’s oceans.

  • A newborn giraffe calf is 6 feet tall.

  • A hippo can hold its breath for five minutes underwater.

  • A male donkey is known as a “Jack,” while a female donkey is known as a “Jennet.”

  • The Boomslang is one of the most venomous of all African snakes.

  • Alligators have five toes on their front legs and four toes on their back legs.

  • A rhino’s skin is very sensitive to sunburn and insect bites, which is why they like to wallow in mud to protect their skin.

  • A baboon lives about 30 years in the wild.

  • The jaguar’s name comes from the Native American word “yaguar,” meaning “he who kills with one leap.”

  • A warthog’s tusks usually grow to about 10 inches (25cm) in length.

  • Elephants do not actually drink water through their trunks, but they can use their trunks to suck up liquids.

  • Adult male brown bears are called “boars,” while female brown bears with cubs are called “sows.”

  • There are four different species of hyena - spotted, striped, brown and the aardwolf.

  • A different name for Wildebeest is “gnu.”