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Videos for Zombie Fish

DeNell Kight
DeNell Kight

My guide is all messed up, it's not showing any channels, nothing.  Does anyone know what the channel number is for Nat Geo Wild (I think that's the channel this was on) and if it's going to be shown again.  I have Comcast.

Kas Anderson
Kas Anderson 2 Like

I have followed Hope for Paws, Eldad and Audrey for quite some time now.  They have been such an inspiration!  I have watched Fiona's progress from the very first posting of her rescue.  Thank you for featuring Fiona's story and bringing the work of Hope for Paws to a new audience.  On the flip side, they brought you a new audience!  I have never  seen your program before, but will watch in the future.  Please feature more on the fate of unwanted pets.  The only thing that will curb the number of animals abandoned, sent to shelters and euthanized is knowledge.

C Wolfsmith
C Wolfsmith

Thank you for featuring Fiona the blind dog and her rescue at the end of the zombie fish episode. It was a great SURPRISE.  We love hope for paws and Eldad and Audrey Hagar for their heroic dog rescues. Would love to see more.