February 07, 2014

Case File: Cupid

Case File: Cupid, Mastiff/Bulldog Mix

Owner: Marilyn

Whistle Blowers: Chris and Debra

Problem: Marilyn Blizzard is a former actress and model that recently survived stomach cancer. Since regaining her health, one of her main goals has been to get back to a normal routine with her dog "Cupid” at their local Playa Vista dog park. Marilyn has only been well for a few months but Cupid’s behavior has completely turned for the worst. He has viciously attacked numerous dogs including Chris Park’s bulldog, Lola, which caused a massive vet bill that she cannot afford. Marilyn is so fearful of Cupid’s aggressive behavior, she no longer feels safe taking him to the park. Her best friend Debra is equally concerned and wants Cupid to get immediate help. Chris, and other park members have advised Marilyn to put Cupid down but Marilyn almost lost her own life; she doesn’t want to say the same for her beloved pet.

Whistle Blower's Perspective: Debra is one of Marilyn’s best friends and has been an integral part of her recovery. She has been with Marilyn through her best and worst times. She hates seeing Marilyn confined to her home with Cupid and would love to see her back at the park. Chris Park is the owner of Lola, one of the many victims of Cupid. Chris, along with the rest of the park, won’t trust Cupid unless she is completely tamed by a professional.

Owner's Perspective: Marilyn has been through more in the last year than most people could imagine. Her goal is to get back to the active lifestyle she once enjoyed. Marilyn understands Cupid is a serious problem and threat to others but lacks the strength and know-how to resolve this.

Cupid's Bad Behaviors: Leash aggression and dog fighting.

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