February 07, 2014

Case File: Misty

Case File: Misty, Lab Mix

Owners: The Dong Family

Whistle Blowers: Debi and Carole

Problem: The Dongs have always wanted the perfect family pet. A year ago, Alyssa brought home Misty, a black lab mix who has terrorized everyone she meets. Not only has she bitten the hands that feed her, but she has also attacked and instilled fear in the neighbors’ dogs and children. Misty’s worst offense came when she recently bit Alyssa’s 71 year old Mother-In-Law’s hand, causing puncture wounds and a frantic trip to the hospital. Neighbors are fed up and the family is heartbroken that their first family pet has been everything but loving. Collectively, they are desperate for Cesar’s help!

Whistle Blower's Perspective: Debi and Carole are neighbors of the Dong family. Debi and her kids have all been attacked by Misty and their fear of the dog has caused major tension between the two families. Carole believes Misty will continue harming members of the neighborhood. If Cesar can’t save Misty, both ladies have advised the Dongs to put her down.

Owner's Perspective: The Dong family consists of Alyssa (41), her husband Jason (47), and their two children Ryan (12) and Lauren (10). This family is heartbroken about their dog dilemma. They have lost all control and are desperate for some help. Alyssa believes Misty is just young and needs expert training. “Misty deserves a chance but we have exhausted all that we know!” The Dongs have worked with three trainers and none could help.

Misty's Bad Behaviors: Bites family members, neighbors, children and other dogs, unpredictable attitude and aggression.

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