February 07, 2014

Case File: Titan

Case File: Titan, Pit/Terrier Mix

Owners: Brent and Aileen

Whistle Blowers: Tad

Problem: Young couple Brent and Aileen, have made a home together but are on the brink of a breakup due to their monstrous dog, Titan. It was Aileen’s idea to rescue him and Brent has been forced to play along. Not only is Titan driving a wedge between their relationship, he is also making them outcasts among their hostile and fed-up neighbors. To avoid being confronted about their canine problems, the couple resorted to buying a treadmill for Titan so he can exercise without having to interact with others. He tries to attack neighbors, bites his owners, and urinates on guests. Titan is a huge point of contention for Brent and Aileen and they need Cesar to save their dog and their future.

Whistle Blower's Perspective: Tad is Brent’s friend and neighbor. He was a frequent guest in the couple’s home until he got fed up with Titan’s bad antics. He has been urinated on and bitten several times. Tad sees the apparent stress Titan is causing in Brent and Aileen’s relationship. Annoyed by the daily dog drama, he just wants his friends back and a peaceful neighborhood. Tad thinks they are inexperienced dog owners and that they are a BIG part of the Titan’s behavioral problems.

Owner's Perspective: Aileen and Brent think Titan is still young and will grow to get better. Until an ultimatum is put on the table, they are willing to do their best until they can get help, even if that means putting the dog before their own relationship.

Titan's Bad Behaviors: Dog aggression, disobedience, not potty trained, home-wrecking and destructive to property.

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