January 30, 2015

Saint Bernards Facts

  • Saint Bernards were originally used to help rescue travelers during snowstorms.

  • The first time Saint Bernards came to be known as such was in 1707.

  • All Saint Bernards used to be short-haired. Eventually, they were bred with longer-haired dogs in order to make them more adapted to cold weather.

  • In 2013, Saint Bernards were the 47th most registered dog breed in America.

  • Saint Bernards can grow to be up to 180 pounds.

  • Saint Bernards are about 26-27 inches tall at the shoulder.

  • A single Saint Bernard is credited with saving the lives of more than 40 people.

  • Despite popular portrayal in media, Saint Bernards probably never wore barrels of liquor around their necks.

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