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Cesar 911

Deleted Scene: Cesar at the Beach



Cesar heads to the dog lover's paradise in order to help out some anxious canine owners.


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Cesar 911: Deleted Scene: Cesar at the Beach


Cesar heads to the dog lover's paradise in order to help out some anxious canine owners.


Gail Morgan
Gail Morgan

Hi just wont to say thank u due to watching ur show i was able to retrain my foster girl i have well i kept her she was rescued from a puppy mill at the age of three and when i was first fostering her never had a problem with any fur baby's cat or dog i had but every time she went to a meet and great with out me she came back with bites all over her face and ears so that when i made my mind up to keep this beautiful mastiff cross johnson bulldog i  also have a 19 year old lab that i have had all his life my partner has a staffy cross ridge back cross shepherd male not desexed the lab is desexed and i also have a 1 year old pure Staffy and the foster Fail ( Cassey ) has never shown them aggression but she dose not like to be on a lead near other dogs as she will show aggression but if she meets them off lead she is fine no problem so was wondering how i change the way she feels on the lead please.        PS. they use to chain her up so the male could mate her she is 5 years old know 

Sophie Castro
Sophie Castro

I have 4 pit bulls living inside my house, they are house trained but I cant seem to get them to play together. they want to fight each other. I really need Cesar Millan to help me. They will bite anyone they see. I love them all and cant give them to SPCA because I know that they will euthanize them. Two of them already got in a fight and me breaking them up, well I got bit pretty bad. Their intensions were to bite each other but my hand got in the way. Good thing they have had their rabies shots. 2 of them are 4 different breeds of pit bull. the Mother is 2 as far as I know. and 1 other one is a mix. I really don't know what to do. Please advise.