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Dora's Dilemma

This is the story of a cute little puppy with a bad attitude. Dora is an adorable Yorkshire mix puppy that doesnt have a family. Theres one big problem: shes a little brat. Dora is dog aggressive, has no manners; and even though shes small, she can be very pushy. Dora needs a leader who can give her rules, boundaries and limitations. Cesar Millan comes to the rescue! Dora arrived at Birmingham Dog Home and everybody fell in love with her right away. Though shes small, shes pretty unruly and that stops her from being adopted. The shelter is concerned that her aggressive behavior toward other dogs can be dangerous for her because she attacks any dog, no matter the size and she could get seriously hurt. So theyve decided to bring Dora to Cesar Millan in the hope that he can place her in the most suitable home.

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Meet Dora, a little dog with big issues. Her aggression makes her dangerous to children and unattractive to families. This dog needs direction, then affection. Which family can teach Dora to play nicely and give her a home?