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Jet Power

The worlds greatest dog behaviorist, Cesar Millan, is searching for the best possible adopter for an unruly, beautiful black Labrador crossbreed from the UK. His name is JET and hes less than 3 years old. How can it be so hard to find a home for such a young, beautiful and healthy dog? The answer is simple: hes out of control!

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Cesar Millan takes on a big, strong black Labrador crossbreed named Jet that is so unruly he scares away possible adopters at the shelter. Jet travels to Spain, where hopeful contenders will learn how to teach him some basic manners and control his puppylike behavior. Cesar evaluates how the candidates approach and leash the excitable Jet and how they handle his obsession with toys before determining which is best suited to become Jet's new pack leader.