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Mambo Madness

After years of being the king of the castle, cute old Mambo, ended up back in the shelter. Mambo is a 7 year old neutered cross-breed male Jack Russell, who was originally found on the streets as a stray. He was placed with an older couple that treated him like a king; but was returned to the shelter a few years later because he was aggressive toward their grandchildren. Now Mambo is a homeless old mutt with a really spoiled attitude! Mambo is seen here showing off his balance to Cesar while standing on a wall.

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On this episode, Cesar meets Mambo, a Jack Russell mix with a Napoleon complex. He had so much energy his former owners couldn't control him and now resides in a shelter. Before presenting him to eligible families, Cesar takes him into his Dog Psychology Center and uses his pack to teach Mambo how to behave. After they meet Mambo, the candidates must show their skills at a park where Mambo would typically cause aggravation. Cesar must pick which family is best for this little bundle of energy.