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When Harry met Cesar

Harry is an unlucky dog that was sent to the shelter when his owner passed away. Harry lost his family, his home and was too old to be a first pick at the shelter. Often older dogs are set in their ways and it becomes hard for them to find a new pack. Harry has been re-homed and returned twice because of his poor social skills. Its becoming very hard to find him a home. Cesar Millan could be his last hope.

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Harry is an unlucky basset hound that was sent to a shelter when his owner passed away. At age 7, he's an older dog set in his ways, and his poor social skills have made it hard to find him a home. Cesar may be his last hope. Cesar first asks the candidates to put Harry on a leash and introduce him to other dogs, and then they must walk him in potentially stressful situations. After reviewing everyone's approaches, Cesar must choose the best candidate to see Harry through his golden years.